Hi, I'm Kelly Ashley...

Intuitive therapist & Author

Here’s My Story…


I’d always been sensitive, and always been drawn to the unseen. I began my fascination with the psychic world around aged 12, when I discovered my medium Grandmother’s spirituality books. It was a passion that I fueled throughout the years yet somehow, some way, by the time I was 19 I felt completely off track. I was working in the family business and I absolutely did not want to be there. There was a nagging feeling that I was on the wrong path, and the universe told me so. I ended up bedridden and wheelchair bound for 3 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

After a few years I recovered, and it was a guiding experience because it led to me to the alternative world of healing, and ushered me into intuitive and psychic work, which I knew was where I was meant to be. That was, until a spiritual awakening began that rocked me to my core and disintegrated life as I knew it.

It began with heightened sensitivity. Suddenly I couldn’t eat meat, and noise or crowds overwhelmed me. I couldn’t stand to drink alcohol or take medication. I felt an uncomfortable energy off of most of the people I was spending my time with and this led to me reevaluating friends. There was a lot to let go of in life that i realized just wasn’t good for me and once I could see it, I couldn’t ‘unsee’ it.

My psychic abilities changed too. Where I had struggled in the past to pick up on things, now I was overwhelmed with feelings, senses, and knowing that I couldn’t understand or explain. I began having powerful visions of angels and guides which were powerful and profound, yet my conscious mind just couldn’t rationalize it. This kept me in a torturous battle between belief and certainty and doubt and disbelief. Everything was so peculiar that I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me.

This particular spiritual awakening experience lasted around 4 years. It was simultaneously the highest and the lowest time of my life. I reached such high connectedness that new truths were revealed to me and I could see how truly multidimensional each of us are. However, it was also a time of massive purging for me. Painful issues and exasperating blocks arose from not only this lifetime, but a multitude of lifetimes. I thought I’d never get through them all, and many of these issues caused me physical pain and discomfort.

The Silver Lining


Unfortunately I didn’t have a mentor to help guide me through this process. I also didn’t have a frame of reference in order to understand my experience, and this made it much more frightening and confusing than it needed to be. Fortunately I did however have some very useful skills during this time – skills that I’m not sure I would have made it through without. My previous healing training in various modalities helped me re-ground myself and work through what came up so that it could be healed, processed and released. Looking back now I see how vital it was for me to develop this self reliance – and it was a true necessity, as even most of the other alternative practitioners I knew didn’t know how to help me.

This is why I am so deeply passionate about empowerment. It would be the easy way for me to offer you therapy sessions and carry you the entire way, but in the end, you’d be more lost and uncertain without me than you were before. I’d rather give you the tools for yourself, so that you have the confidence and ability to move through this experience with grace and ease. Self reliance is a powerful part of the journey and a key part of your development. Its about reclaiming your power, and quite often you’ll find that if you don’t surrender to developing that self reliance, the universe will create conditions in your life to make it so.

Blessing In Disguise


I’ll bet that in reading this, particularly if you feel you are at the beginning of your journey, you are fretting a little. It all sounds so life altering – and it is. And while you are still programmed with the old belief systems of suffering and struggle and hardship, you might really feel like that for a while. But know this – it is only a reflection of the old leaving you. Only those issues which you really need to resolve and release will surface for you, and when they do, they finally lose their power over you. You might have been challenged for lifetime after lifetime on one particular theme, but this time is the time that you will become free of it. You see, spiritual awakening is all about shaking off all of the beliefs and experiences that aren’t who and what you truly are. You are divine! Life wasn’t meant to be full of struggle and strife – humans have made it so. And fortunately we have incarnated into this incredible time when it will be undone. We are finally waking up, moving into higher spheres of beauty, abundance, love and freedom (it just takes a bit of wriggling to get free of the old). Rest assured that whether you struggle against it, or surrender and let it take you, you’ll get there. It is divinely orchestrated and planned, and the plan will happen anyway. There’s nothing you can do to screw it up.

Get To Know Me Better


Generally you’ll find me with a pen in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. I’m such an avid writer that if this was the olden days, I’d have permanently ink stained hands. I’m a movie buff and self confessed geek (yes, I do own Harry Potter pajamas) and I’ve always been fascinated by spirituality and metaphysics.

I will always continue to heal away all the obstacles to embracing my fully awakened divinity, and I’ve realized that life is too dull for me when I’m not helping others to move through this fascinating (albeit challenging) process. So with that, let’s work together to get things cleared and infuse your true divinity into every aspect of your daily life!